As a result of the initiative of the Municipality of Veszprém Town of County Rank, an Arts Council was established in the spring of 2017 to support Veszprém’s application for the European Capital of Culture 2023. The council consists of well-known, well-acknowledged and highly appreciated artists and experts from Veszprém and from the related regions who have been very active in the local cultural life.

The Council is dedicated to compile a series of programmes for the ECoC application and establish local and international relations for the successful proposal. Members also participate in ECoC related events and programmes, in addition to contributing to the programme development process.

Members of the Council


Zoltán MészárosZoltán Mészáros

Chairman of the ECC 2023 Veszprém’s Arts Council, Chief Organiser of VeszprémFest

“To make significant changes in a city is a huge challenge in itself. But there is no future without any challenges. Make a serious attempt to make your city always smile; vibrate not only for a few weeks, but live a long-term exciting life; not only lose, but also lure the local youth back; become green on those spots where today is still rusty; and truly collaborate with its environment. That is a serious challenge, and that is why I decided to take part in the preparation of the programme proposal for the ECoC 2023 Veszprém.”



László Cserép

László Cserép

Head, Department of Culture, Education, Sport and Tourism,
Balatonfüred Self-Government
“Balatonfüred has never been a ’mere’ resort: for centuries, the town
has attracted the greatest figures of Hungarian literature. Walking in
the historic town centre that dates back to the early 19th century Age
of Reform, or looking at the Pantheon – Berzsenyi, Batsányi, Csokonai,
Ady, Krúdy, Kosztolányi… it is difficult to list –, the visitor will
immediately realise that it is not only the sunshine, Lake Balaton and
the linden trees that make our town so beautiful. Balatonfüred has
indeed been and still is a temple of culture, even in the 21st


László Hegyeshalmi

László Hegyeshalmi

artist, curator, teacher, Director of the House of Modern Arts in Veszprém

“Mountain – Water – Sunshine – Experience – Joy – Art – Games – Veszprém – Castle. European Capital of Culture 2023 Veszprém – Everything is waiting for you here. Let’s meet here.”



Diána Kecskés

Diána Horváthné Kecskés

social worker, Head of the Integrated Institution of Family Support and Child Welfare in Veszprém

“The region is shaped by the values of the communities that live there, therefore the European Capital of Culture should reach out to the local communities. The spirit of the ECoC 2023 Veszprém is shaped to help families, both young ones and older ones to be able to live a happy life in a region that is able to keep its local values also in the future.”




Péter Kováts

 Péter Kováts

violinist, Artistic Director of  Mendelssohn Chamber Orchestra

„A rich past, an exciting present, a European future – this is our
road: Veszprém’s road. With a successful bid we will become stronger,
reach out further, and Europe may come to see us, too!”




István LadányiIstván Ladányi

poet, historian of literature, critic

“Veszprém and its surroundings, the region defined by the Bakony Mountains and the Lake Balaton with a loose web of settlements, make it possible to experience a high-quality, urban lifestyle as well as the natural environment. It is an unstoppable natural process and is likely to continue in the future that the small towns and villages, which are really close to each other, get interconnected and coalesce into one big common space. It is the joint interest of the city and its region to shape this transition according to their own thoughtful ideas, taking the common regional and local interests and values into account. The European Capital of Culture title can give an opportunity to formulate this region for the 21st century in a harmony of modern and traditional, city and nature, useful and pleasant.”


Péter Muraközy Péter Muraközy

Head of the Programme Office in Veszprém, Chief-organiser of Veszprém Street Music Festival, Programme Director of VOLT Festival and Balaton Sound

“The title of the European Capital of Culture can be considered as an opportunity, a tool or in extreme cases a life-belt in a city’s life. I would like to believe that in case of Veszprém it is rather a catalyst for achieving the goals, and not a trigger. We have believed for many years that there is something great and unique out there, which we focus on more and more consciously and successfully each year, achieving a high admiration for our city. Our goals and tasks are thus given: to create and implement forever functional attractions that will be able to keep Veszprém in the focus of attention even after 2023, fit into the city’s current cultural identity, will not undermine the budget of the city following the year of the ECoC, are based on realistic needs taking the views of the locals into account, and contribute to making Veszprém the most liveable city in the world by 2030.”


Hajnalka Vörös

Hajnalka Márkusné Vörös

Chief archivist of the Veszprém County Archives

“The European Capital of Culture 2023 brings a creative dynamism to the city, as it encourages locals and citizens who love the city to think about the past and the present together, so that nothing holds our children and the previous generations back from shaping the future creatively.”



Amália Neveda

Amália Neveda

az Agóra Veszprém Városi Művelődési Központ igazgatója

“The European Capital of Culture 2023 programme and its preparation for the applications are significant milestones for Veszprém. We have the chance to present the diversity of our city and its surroundings to Europe. We can draw attention to our core values, as well as to the groups operating in Veszprém and at our institution. These teams represent high values and carry out important activities within the civil life. I sincerely hope that the application will be successful, as it would put our city in the spotlight.”


Pál Oberfrank

 Pál Oberfrank

actor, Director of Petőfi Theatre in Veszprém

“Could anything be more important to a theatre than culture and art? The title of the European Capital of Culture strengthens our goals. We can mutually empower each other, serve our community, the culture-loving citizens of Veszprém and its surroundings. Perhaps in this case the outcomes of the journey are more important than the goal itself.”


András Kavinszki Szőke

Puppeteer, cultural organiser, Director of Kabóca Puppet Theatre
“We start out in the world as curious little things, ever hungry for
discovery, ever laughing and crying; it is through this that we are
moulded into individuals of firmly grounded identities who in turn
creatively form communities. We keep changing and developing, because
the environment we live in constantly shapes our selves. At times,
though, we also have the opportunity to make a lasting effect and form
our environment, and this is that exceptional state which may give
meaning to us in the present and at the same time lay down the
foundations for the identities of future generations.The effort to win
the title of European Capital of Culture is a joint undertaking which
will make us conjure up our deepest thoughts of identity while it will
make us open to, and curious about, the other and the new – because we
believe and  trust in each other, our shared values, and in Veszprém.”


 László VándorfiLászló Vándorfi

director, actor, Director of Pannon Castle Theatre

“As a citizen of Veszprém, as Director of Pannon Castle Theatre and also as László Vándorfi, it is an honour and pleasure to participate in this project that redefines the cultural future of my home town. There are a lot of values, interests, talents, and ambitions to be merged, and it is a great opportunity to create the 21st century image of the city and its region, to get to know each other better, to resolve conflicts, as well as to engage in meaningful dialogues. My responsibilities in the Arts Council include representing outdoor activities and dance , which means to me the creation of continuously moving, free communal and art spaces, as well as connecting the already existing ones. The change in the art work and image of Pannon Castle Theatre seems to be fully aligned with the aims of the programme ECoC 2023 Veszprém. We strive to mutually enrich each other.”