Sexy Region – Rethinking the Role of the Countryside

In our ECOC bid we reflect on several issues that may be considered generally European ones. Such an issue is for example rethinking the role of the countryside, which is especially up-to-date for the Region of Veszprém and the Balaton.

We are seeking answers to questions like: how  could we revive small villages that keep being deserted and are gradually disappearing? Shall we protect winehills or rather give free way to the construction of holiday homes?

We hope that our Sexy Region Toolkit project will be able to resolve these dilemmas. We plan to compile a solutions package by 2023, with the help of which we can develop the region while preserving its traditions and unique qualities, both natural and cultural.

The project features architecture as a central element. Our aim is to create such architectural solutions that can generate harmony between individuals, the community, and environmental concerns. In order to achieve this, we are going to renovate fifty holiday homes and winecellars in cooperation with the owners; we will completely refurbish these and turn them into art galleries, restaurants, or community spaces that could house concerts and wine tasting events – we intend to respect the original value of these buildings but fill them up with new functions and  new vitality.

The compillation of the toolkit will be based on a sweeping survey of the region, which will in turn be connected to a series of international workshops. In these, we are going to consult architects, landscape architects, artists, and craftsmen, and we are going to involve local residents and regional authorities  in the planning process.