Dream Awake in Veszprém

Organized by Partner
Organized by Partner

One of Hungary’s most unique festivals, the Veszprém Street Music Festival will be held between 20-23 July, 2022, proving for the 23rd time: where there’s a will, there’s a way. It is possible to organize a festival in a sleepy town in such a way that its residents will be happy to have been awakened.

We might be stretching it a bit if we compare the Veszprém Street Music Festival to a city which is currently hosting the World Expo, but knowing that in 1990 Dubai was practically a sizable sandpit, where local leaders had a vision to build the world’s greatest cultural, financial and entertainment center, and then they did build it, we can still draw a paralell. In 1999, a few cool local heads had a dream that they would awaken the sleepy town of Veszprém and do the seemingly impossible: turn the town into a festival hub. Unfortunately, in Hungary it is a rare sight to see people dancing, drinking, eating, hugging carefree and generally having a good time in public places, but that is exactly what people in Veszprém have been doing the past 23 years at the Street Music Festival. And there’s nothing more uplifting than that in a city. Those who enjoy life will all be in Veszprém this July. Will you be there? 

Location: Veszprém


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