The Veszprém-Balaton 2023 ECoC programme entered development phase from autumn 2019. Since then, preparation has already come to its second phase: the first programme elements and events planned behind the scenes have become public.

Due to the structure of the general programme framework, the first round of activities has been devoted to capacity enlargement and human education programmes and events, as these are designed to provide a stable fundament to future ECoC programme elements. Work with civil circles, volunteers and the city’s cultural institutions has already started, and ECoC’s tender programme is also going to open soon. 


Cultural and art as well as urban and regional development programmes have been launched, too. As in almost every other aspect of ECoC, work is under way in the background with feasibility studies, surveys and specific content development tasks.


The first public activities of this field are on the one hand instrumental in establishing contacts with artists and audiences in the city and across the region, and on the other hand the results gained will define further steps to be taken. 


As 2023 is approaching, projects and events will be made public by the ECoC organisation and its partners at constantly rising activity levels. Nearing 2023, it is not only the number of programmes that will grow, but the range of opportunities for involvement is also going to widen. More and more activities are going to be offered to audiences, volunteers, suppliers, or employees.