Journey Into the Realm of Flavours - Join Us and Discover the Diverse Gastronomy of Veszprém


If you look back on Veszprém as it was a few years ago, walking around the city centre you could see numerous shops vacant or unused in the city's iconic buildings. The VEB2023 ECoC Street Management Programme has revitalised these places in recent years, boosting the gastronomic map and offer of Veszprém.

The long weekend in October's arrived, so we thought it was time to list the many restaurants, cafés and bars that have opened in recent years under the Street Management Programme, just waiting to be discovered. Fasten your seatbelts, prepare your taste buds: our gastronomic tour is on!


Address: 1 Rákóczi Ferencz Street, Veszprém

Why worth a visit?

Pekedli is a general grocery store which defines itself as a marketplace enclosed within four walls, where you can choose from a selection of handcrafted products, including regional delicacies. Not surprisingly, it's them who have been running the fortnightly Old Town Market on Sundays for quite some time.


Address: 3 Rákóczi Ferenc Street, Veszprém

Why worth a visit?

A real family business, with all the expertise and love put into homemade ice creams and freshly baked cakes. While Füge's main appeal is their ice cream, you can also sit down for a delicious coffee or tea in colder weather, and you'll also find the venture in their new unit, Füge Liget (Grove), located right next to Laczkó Dezső Museum.


Address: 4 Rákóczi Ferenc Street, Veszprém

Why worth a visit?

This restaurant with a cute name is worth a visit even if you're not necessarily vegan. Here you'll find a varied daily menu, artisan coffees, sourdough buns and gluten-free sandwiches wrapped in a vegan cover, as well as a social experience. The location is no ordinary one either: it used to be the barber shop of Károly Francsics, and it was here that he wrote his diary of the events of the Revolution and War of Independence of 1848. As part of the Private Veszprém project, a life-size effigy of the master barber is on display in front of the restaurant until 5th November.


Address: 2 Szabadság Square, Veszprém

Why worth a visit?

"Wine. Vinyl. Joy" - is the slogan of the place, to which we would only add the words Lake Balaton to complete the list. You can join dance classes at Wine & Vinyl, but if you're in the mood for a fine wine, crackling vinyl, pleasant music and tapas, you've found the perfect place.


Address: 9 Szabadság Square, Veszprém

Why worth a visit?

If you're after great concerts and fun parties in Veszprém, head for Papírkutya, a small but famous venue that often hosts international stars in addition to local acts. This month, for example, on three evenings, 24th-25th-26th October, Danish Mike Anderson introduces you to the depths of his unique guitar music.


Address: 1 Óváros Square, Veszprém

Why worth a visit?

On opening, KUNSZT! instantly became Veszprém's favourite breakfast place, where you can enjoy the most important meal of the day in a kingly way. Brunch can last until noon, and thanks to the varied programme of events, you can always find a good exhibition, concert or social programme there, while the area in the other half of the shop offers a selection of products by local designers.


Address: 24 Óváros Square, Veszprém

Why worth a visit?

Staying in the Óváros square area, if you are a fan of Asian cuisine, and in particular, Japanese cuisine, you should visit Saiko no Sushi restaurant, where you can learn more about Japanese culture in addition to enjoying authentic Japanese drinks and food. The restaurant serves as a community space where culture and gastronomy meet. So whether it's a gathering of friends or family, or even a business lunch, pick up your chopsticks and get down to sushi!


Address: 26 Óváros Square, Veszprém

Why worth a visit?

Lohonyay Restaurant, which from the beginning of the 20th century until mid-century nationalisation served as an important community space in addition to being a restaurant, has reopened with a new look, yet inspired by the past. It is this type of atmosphere they would like to recreate in the restaurant, where delicious Hungarian cuisine, a family atmosphere and a superb terrace await hungry guests.


Address: 1 Kossuth Lajos Street, Veszprém

Why worth a visit?

The name Derce is certainly not unfamiliar to the locals of Veszprém, as Derce Bakery and Bistro and Derce Café have been providing Veszprém's inhabitants with delicious bread and coffee for years. Their newest unit, Derce Dairy Bar, opened just a few weeks ago in a vacated  tobacconist's at the lower end of Kossuth Street. Here you will not only find the usual high quality, delicious Derce bakery goods, but you can also get spreads and cheeses to go with your crusty pastries and, if you fancy a sweet treat, you can even order a cake to go with your coffee.


Address: 13 Kossuth Lajos Street, Veszprém

Why worth a visit?

Fine coffee in the morning and a nice cocktail in the evening? If you love coffee and cocktails, a bar atmosphere and the unique drinks, come to Mimosa Cafe & Bar, where you can learn all about the secrets of cocktail making and which is a good place to start and end your day.


Address: 17 Vár Street, Veszprém

Why worth a visit?

FOTON Audiovisual Centre is a new spot in the cultural life of Veszprém, an innovative art space for concerts, workshops, talks and screenings. Last but not least, the building also houses a specialty café where you can stop by for a flat white or a matcha latte. The café - a dog-friendly place - serves pastries and hot sandwiches during the day alongside coffees and teas, and a selection of fine cocktails in the evening.


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