Veszprém is among the Top 10 European Destinations – Seven reasons not to miss visiting the city


Veszprém was voted one of the top ten destinations in a competition by the prestigious European Best Destinations travel website dedicated to promoting culture and tourism on the continent. Over half a million tourists in 178 countries took part in the voting. Veszprém competed with more than 400 other cities, including illustrious London and Vienna. Warsaw, Athens, and Maribor finished one-two-three in the contest. What makes the City of Queens so lovable? Here are some compelling reasons.

That Veszprém is an internationally worthwhile destination is proven by the fact that it garnered votes from France, the US, the UK, and Ireland in addition to Hungarian votes. Veszprém came in seventh on the list, so here are seven reasons why you should visit the city sooner rather than later.

1. Environmental Richness – Both Bakony hills and Lake Balaton are within reach

There is no doubt that Veszprém is exceptionally well positioned in terms of geographic location. It can be quickly reached by car or train from the capital; the lakefront is only 20 minutes away, and forest and hiking lovers can easily head to the picturesque Bakony hills.


2. An attractive cityscape for all ages

The city possesses exciting treasures for young and old: take a romantic stroll along the banks of the Séd stream, step through Heroes' Gate and explore the Castle District, or walk up to the top of Calvary Hill and enjoy the magnificent panorama


3. Exhibitions All Around – Immerse yourself in culture

Veszprém is proud to be a European Capital of Culture in 2023. You will have even more opportunities to participate in the city’s exciting cultural events and exhibitions this year. Dubniczay Palace, Csikász Gallery, Modern Gallery, Castle Gallery – these are but a few places to visit while you're in town


4. Historic Delicacies – A slice of history at every turn

Veszprém is called the City of Queens for a reason: the first king of Hungary, Stephen I, gifted the city and its estates to his wife, Queen Gisela. For centuries thereafter, the queens were crowned in Veszprém. You’ll come across Gisela’s name in several places of interest in the city: at the statue of King Stephen I and Queen Gisela, at the Gisela Well, at the Gisela Chapel or even at the Queen Gisela Lookout.


5. Vibrant Musical Life – Get in tune with the city’s rhythm

There is always music, be it classical, jazz or blues, playing in Veszprém, officially designated by UNESCO as a City of Music. The many festivals include something special: the Veszprém Blues Festival in April, the biggest blues festival in Hungary's history. If classical music is your thing, do not miss the Auer Festival in August.


6. Gastronomic Delights – Eat Veszprém

Should you be hungry wherever you are headed, no problem: Veszprém bustles with gastronomy. We recommend the area around the Óváros (Old Town) Square, where several previously vacant shops have recently come to life thanks to the VEB2023 ECOC Street Management & Development Programme. Moreover, on Sundays, the Old Town Market takes over the square, tempting visitors to choose from quality handcrafted goods.


7. Happy Days of Childhood (in Veszprém too) – Head for the Zoo

Veszprém also won the best family-friendly city destination title in the European Best Destinations competition. One of the city's most popular attractions is the Zoo, named after the famous African explorer Kálmán Kittenberger. The vast complex offers a full day of activities with countless educational trails that will excite not only the little ones but adults as well.


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