Although the right to use the European Capital of Culture title officially ends on December 31, 2023, our programme is structured to create a secure base for the intensive, innovative community of Veszprém and the region to continue to scale up and developpast that date. We want Veszprém and the Bakony-Balaton region to be firmly on the map of both our own public and foreign visitors asan attractive tourist destination. We want them to berich in new horizons, as well as expanding individual’s horizons. We want viable andlong-termcultural achievements not only in 2023 but beyond. Not least, wewish to create new points of reference and new perspectives for ourselves and the people who live here: to bring places, spaces and events to life that can add new facets to the daily life of professional and lay communities. It is perhaps the most tangible expression of our initial aim: to launch a creative rural region with Veszprém as its cultural hub. To create a vibrant, inspiring, and new cultural spacethat looks back to an esteemed history that will be instantly recognisable and unmistakably attractive in European eyes.

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