Fragile Balaton

The well-being of Lake Balaton is an issue for us all. There are many with an emotional attachment to this natural and social phenomenon, landscape, and culture, so unique in many respects. Central Europe's largest lake is undeniably one of Hungary's most important regions, whose reality is shaped by countless factors and lies at the intersection of countless interests. Our programme addresses the extremely complex and fragile systems of the Balaton and the ecosystem of the lake and surrounding area. 

Do we really know the lake and the landscape we are so attached to? Are we capable of understanding and recognising our common and interests, as well as those of the lake? Our projects focusing on the local impact of climate change, changes inland use, the unique landscape heritage of the monadnocks, and even the damage done by mining all invite us to discussandthink together. We want to make our communities understand that the health of the region's economy and society depends on the ecosystem’s health.We offer opportunities and knowledge to transform the users of the landscape into itsresponsible stewards.

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