We have set ourselves an elusive goal: we want Veszprém to be the city with proportionally the highest number of musicians and singers in Hungary. We do not want to measure this as much as we want to feel it, simply because numerous studies tell us that cities with more musicians are the happiest. 

Veszprém was awarded the UNESCO City of Music title in 2019, and since then, we have been working to be worthy of that title every day. Veszprém is Leopold Auer's hometown - this is a source of pride but also a responsibility. 

We believe in building from the bottom up. We start by providing musical experiences that appeal to the youngest children, by training professionals, providing inspiring venues for amateur orchestras, unique educational and community opportunities for young and old. We will create opportunities for beginners and those who want to start anew, breathe new life into choral traditions, perform musical curiosities for the discerning and demanding Veszprém audience. Music here is not a something happening to us, it is happening with us.

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