Veszprém-Balaton 2023
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An unforgettable rendezvous of youth choirs and musical ensembles in the land of Kodály and Bartók, in the city of Auer, European Capital of Culture 2023, UNESCO City of Music, where the legendary Hungarian Sea meets the romantically rugged Bakony Hills

It is not only to the different styles of music that the name MusiColours refers, but also the diverse range of participants from different countries.

We believe that the essence of music, however diverse, is that it brings us together and is understandable by all.

Our first and most important task is to make music accessible to everyone.

We recognise that playing in an art group teaches one to listen to others, which nowadays seems to be disappearing in our society. For these reasons, it is particularly important to create opportunities for active youth ensembles and choirs to meet and perform, encouraging them to keep going.

What better opportunity could there be to do this than a European youth music festival in the European Capital of Culture?

Veszprém and the Bakony-Balaton region

Veszprém has its own personality, which very quickly becomes obvious  to any visitor. The city has an air of elegance about it, both in its appearance and its vibrant cultural programmes. In addition, it does not shy away from experimentation.

Its innovative and creative solutions proclaim that a millennial city can be a centre of 21st century experience. The Gisela Days draw on the history of Veszprém, the Street Music Festival is a genuine world music curiosity, VeszprémFest brings world-famous pop-jazz artists to Veszprém, and the Auer Violin Festival as well as Veszprém Early Music Days put classical music front and centre.

Veszprém opens the gates to Lake Balaton and the Bakony at the same time. It connects picturesque landscapes, forests and the waterfront; the city is a central place in the life of the region where it is good to stay and from where it is good to start exploring the countryside. The scenic landscapes, forests and watershores offer a variety of activities and attractions for all ages, from medieval castle ruins to monadnocks, gastronomic events, beaches, open-air cinemas, ruin concerts, festivals and multidisciplinary arts centres all year round.

It would be difficult to give an exhaustive list of the myriad of programmes, but you can find them all in HelloVEB magazine and on the Veszprém-Balaton 2023 European Capital of Culture website.

About the Event

Dates: 27th-31st May 2023

Location: Veszprém and the Balaton-Bakony region

Participants: youth choirs and music ensembles aged 12-25 from all over Europe

Programme structure: each participating group will give at least 2 concerts at different venues


27th May: grand opening ceremony

28th-30th May: festival programme in parallel venues

30th May: closing ceremony

*The detailed programme will be published after the end of the registration period.


Planned locations

*The exact list of venues and number of stages will be published after the registration period closes, as it will be subject to the number of groups performing. However, we can already tell you that we will be setting them up in busy locations with a fantastic atmosphere - both outdoors and indoors!

Shining Brilliant Hosts

Each group will be accompanied by an enthusiastic host, who will be a permanent point in the team's life from the first moment to the last. He or she will help make your stay a problem-free and smooth one.

Our volunteers


Registration period: 20th September 2022 - 31st January 2023

The registration fee includes:

- accommodation for 4 nights (27th-31st May) in 3 optional accommodation categories

- 3 meals per day from dinner, 27th May to breakfast, 31st May

Hotels, hostels, accommodation categories

Up to the capacity of the given accommodation category, each applicant group may choose the category itself, which can be indicated on the registration form.



Timber houses and mobile homes at wonderful camping grounds and campsites near Lake Balaton or at the foot of the Bakony Hills. Accommodation in cabins and rooms for 4-6 persons.

PRICE: 160 EUR/fő

Pelso Camping

Füred Camping 

Manuela Hotel 

Balatonakali Ifjúsági Tábor 

Csopaki Üdülőfalu 

Kinizsi Vendégház 

Gyarmati Panzió 



In Veszprém, near Lake Balaton or at the foot of the Bakony, we provide accommodation in hostels and guesthouses for groups choosing this category. Accommodation in rooms for 3-4 persons.


PRICE: 260 EUR/person

Balatonalmádi Cistercian Recreation Center

Iglauer park

Baláca Pension

Éllő Pension

Péter Pál Pension

Szalay Villa




Holiday Hotel

Nereus Park Hotel




In Veszprém, near Lake Balaton, we provide accommodation in 3-star hotels for groups choosing this category. Accommodation in 2-4 bedded rooms.


PRICE: 390 EUR/person

Gizella Hotel***

Oliva Hotel***

Annabella Hotel***

Margaréta Hotel***


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