Veszprém and the region's attributes and spaces are particularly well suited to serve as venues for special art activities and to add unique emphasis to the interconnection of nature, man, and art. Even the most ordinary everyday space can become an unusual one for art. From an experimental performance on the Number 4 bus to a drama staged deep in the woods, from street theatre on a beach to a contemporary literary festival in a Zala County village, and a modern puppet theatre for adults. Artists creating their art in unusual places in unusual ways and there is always a twist in the structure of the encounters. 

To break out of traditional forms is, of course,also an invitation to the audience.As spectators become active participants in the experiments, new connections are created between landscape, spectator, and artist, and in the process,the audience is transformed into a community. By setting examples, these unconventional spaces open new horizons for local cultural creators, keeping the arts-infused daily life of Veszprém and the region in a state of constant renewal.

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