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The Bakony-Balaton region:unusual density of goodness. The landscape is in constant motion, with stories, destinies, and cultural treasures awaiting the visitor at every turn. Not only well-known areas, but previously quieter villages are making their voices heard since joining our program. They are preserving their traditions and aspiring to shape the future with new and exciting perspectives. 

The shores of Lake Balaton, outside of the peak tourist season, present themselves as a meeting place and a hidden backdrop for contemporary art, while the Bakony villages look to unleash the creative energies of local communities. We hope that by 2023, new regional networks will form, that cooperation based on an authentic and recognised commonality of interests and values will become an even stronger aspect of the region's character. A fully-fledged network could open up new perspectives to reposition the entire region beyond 2023 and demonstrate a uniquely original life of a vibrant and high-class culture. 

Empathetic literature, liberating classical and popular music, visual arts that can be eithertraditional or entirely radical, contemporary design, adventurous gastronomy, memories of a culture that shape the present, the intelligent use of landscape.These and many other ideas, topics, and methodswill help revealas yet unknown dimensions of the region’s unique Bakony-Balaton identity in 2023.

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