The busy world of Veszprém

No more boring Tuesdays! Veszprém has always been famous for its major festivals with spectacles that last for days. But admittedly, weekdays have offered much fewer artistic encounters. That is, until now. By finding willing partners in local institutions, among enterprising young people and within civil communities, we are creating big opportunities for cultural goings-on, adapted, of course, to Veszprém in order to preserve and enhance the spirit of the place. New places and spaces will open that are not just about consumerism, but will create real community experiences, opportunities, conditions, and patterns for all of us. We collectively design, transform and take over old and new public spaces. Institutions that once may have seemed cold and distant to the public are opening their doors and we intend to make them a key part of city life outside of their official capacity. New knowledge transfer and exchange opportunities are being opened in community spaces, where young people and adults alike may gain experiences, learn, and play, be this in drama, music, digital skills, or media. 

It is no secret that by rewriting and intensifyingeveryday life in Veszprém, ourhope and intent isto have more and more young people choose Veszprém as their home, either bystaying here or returning. Because, after all,a city where it's good to be on a Tuesday night has something going for it every day.

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