Eger-víz Creek Art Guard

VEB2023 tendered collaboration
VEB2023 tendered collaboration

The culture of the landscape, the landscape of culture.

Eger-víz (Eger-water), the 32 km stream, which empties into Lake Balaton, is one of the wonderful natural treasures of the Balaton Highlands and the southern Bakony. 

The thirteen settlements along the stream - from Nagyvázsony to Kapolcs and Szigliget - are witnesses to a long history along its banks. It is where a Roman military road once passed; castles, monasteries, monadnocks and, of course, the 39 water mills it turned were also part of times gone by. 

The "EGER-VÍZ" Stream-Art Sentinels is a truly unique project - it aims to address the sustainability of this increasingly alive and precious small river using the tools and instruments of art, science, and community collaboration. In order to preserve the wetlands and its springs, 13 municipalities and NGOs along the stream will join forces and carry out a micro-regional exercise of mapping its riches. 

Between spring and autumn 2023, 13 unique and unconventional eco-art Saturdays, named „Eger-víz Days", will take place in and around the villages. The program will see the debut, among others, of the thirteen-movement Eger-víz Suite by the Free Style Jazz Orchestra.

The project will also attempt to set up water-related exhibitions and land art installations along the stream. A stream clean-up will be launched involving the young and not-so-young inhabitants of the villages, and educational programmes will be started in local schools to create a tradition, hopefully. 

During the ECoC year, the artistic programme will be complemented by technical meetings and conferences on water management, climate issues, and stream rehabilitation in a local context, with the professional support of the Balaton Uplands National Park, the University of Pannonia, the Central Transdanubia Water Management Directorate and WWF Hungary.

Implemented by: Kapolcsi Kulturális és Természetvédelmi Egylet (Kapolcs Cultural and Nature Conservation Association)

Location: Nagyvázsony, Pula, Öcs, Vigántpetend, Kapolcs, Taliándörögd, Monostorapáti, Hegyesd, Diszel-Tapolca, Gyulakeszi, Nemesgulács, Badacsonytördemic, Szigliget

Date: Summer 2022 - December 2023


Partners: Local governments of the 13 municipalities concerned, Balaton Uplands National Park, University of Pannonia, Central Transdanubia Water Management Directorate, WWF Hungary

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