Kádár Studio Gallery

VEB2023 tendered collaboration
VEB2023 tendered collaboration

Tibor Kádár Cultural Den for the Art in Betekints Valley.

At the back end of Betekints Valley, next to the Zoo, lies the old studio of painter Tibor Kádár, who passed away in 2021. In 2023, his widow will open and turn it into a new meeting place for the Veszprém community of artists. Guests entering the Kádár Studio Gallery can follow Tibor Kádár's life through his paintings. It will be a venue for chamber exhibitions, an open studio, discussions on the arts and a venue for meetings between Veszprém-related masters and young contemporary artists. Betekints Valley is special in Veszprém, a place with memories and experiences for all local citizens. The intent of the community is to look after the artist's legacy and to make the Den a meeting place for all who care about the valley.


Implemented by: Academia Humana Wágner Nándor Művész Hagyatékát Ápoló Alapítvány (Academia Humana Nándor Wágner Legacy Foundation)

Date: Continuously during 2023

Location: Veszprém

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