Káli Basin Community Culture Clubs

VEB2023 tendered collaboration
VEB2023 tendered collaboration

The aim of the Culture Clubs programme, launched in 2021, is to present the Káli Basin as a combined cultural environment, albeit with nuances differentiating one settlement from another. The literary and fine arts clubs clearly demonstrate the local inhabitants’ and newcomers’ full awareness of their environment and being entirely in the picture when it comes to local history and cultural heritage.

Involving local people is an essential means of achieving this goal. For this reason, starting in 2021, we have initiated a continuous, conscious, systematic construction of a network of clubs. This web is developed in partnership with the residents. It will offer a range of literary and artistic values that are either local or have a strong link with the area and it will put quality culture first.

The culture club programmes are implemented in two priority areas:

In the literary clubs, we organise theatre and music evenings – accompanied by children's activities to introduce the youngest generation to poems and stories told in songs.

In the visual arts clubs, we learn the different forms of visual arts (graphics, painting, sculpture) and allow local artists to show their work. 

The highlight of 2023 will be a theatre performance in Köveskál, the former home of the chiefs (Horkas) of the ancient clans of Vérbúlcsú and Kál, bringing the legend of Vérbúlcsú to life.

Implemented by: Káli Kövek Közhasznú Alapítvány (Káli Stones Public Benefit Foundation) 

Date: Continuously during 2023 

Location: Kővágóörs, Kékkút, Balatonhenye, Mindszentkálla, Köveskál, Révfülöp, Salföld, Szentbékkálla

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