Pannon Culture Club 2.0

VEB2023 tendered collaboration
VEB2023 tendered collaboration

The project is an extension of the Culture Club of the University of Pannonia’s Faculty of Modern Philology and Social Sciences. The Club, launched in 2021, offers high-quality cultural sustenance at a popular and innovative entertainment venue, the Papírkutya (Paper Dog) in Veszprém.

From February to June and from September to November, eight evenings of conversation will take place on topics of public interest, including language, literature, history, theatre, mental health, etc. The Culture Club is sophisticated and open to a broad audience, with nationally known speakers who share their expertise in simple and accessible language with the general public. It provides an opportunity for citizens with similar interests to meet, helps retain young people with intellectual aspirations in the city and fosters a culture of caring, dialogue and understanding.

Implemented by: University of Pannonia 

Date: January to November 2023 

Location: Veszprém 


teszveszprém pannon kultúrklub


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