PASZTA (Pannon Theatre School)

VEB2023 tendered collaboration
VEB2023 tendered collaboration

Pannon Theatre School

In September 2022, VEB2023 launched an innovative drive to renew teacher training at the Faculty of Modern Philology and Social Sciences of the University of Pannonia. It was named PANNON THEATRE SCHOOL, PASZTA for short, and came under professional management by the Teleszterion Kulturális Egyesület (Telesterion Cultural Association).

The Theatre School started with four student age groups (lower- and upper-grade primary school, secondary school and university-adult). Today it has nearly 60 students and four permanent assistants. The theatre groups are primarily pedagogical, with a high level of artistic training in theatre and drama. Significantly, they also offer family days and summer camps. 

PASZTA's philosophy is that in the 21st century, a school should not simply provide for the transfer of existing knowledge but should facilitate experimental learning and experience in a protected and controlled environment. The excellent quality of teachers from the University of Pannonia and its dynamic relationship with the institutions of the region are a quality guarantee that the community theatre approach will take root. 

Since its inception, PASZTA has established partnerships with theatre groups in Ajka and the theatre school of the Petőfi Theatre in Sopron. Together they have attracted nearly 200 participants for their end-of-year performances and camps. The first PASZTA camp in Magyarpolány was a great success. The closing events of the first school year and the camp proved the tremendous need for this kind of community theatre training.

The groups and programmes co-managed with the students act as training workshops. In a mentored environment, University of Pannonia students can learn the critical practical basics and develop the necessary personal skills required for all people-related professions (teacher, kindergarten teacher, community organiser, professional helper). 

The project is led by Sándor Komáromi, master teacher, mental health professional and Head of the Drama Teacher Training programme at the University of Pannonia. 

Implemented by: Teleszterion Kulturális Egyesület (Telesterion Cultural Association) 

Date: Continuously, starting from September 2022 

Location: Veszprém 


Partners: University of Pannonia 

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