Organized by Partner
Organized by Partner

The POKET community, with the support of VEB2023, is a partner in a project to install Book-o-mats in Veszprém and Balaton and publish anthologies about the region.

The Kisded tenger (Little Sea) book launch and opening of the Lilla von Puttkamer exhibition

The Kisded tenger book launch was organised in conjunction with the publisher in 2021 at the Vaszary Gallery in Balatonfüred. At the event we talked to Zsolna Ugron and Miklós H. Vecsei. In addition, Platon Karataev gave a duo concert.

The opening image of Ádám Horváth Pálóczi's poem is also the title of the long-awaited Balaton anthology, the first book published by POKET Zsebkönyvek (POKET Pocketbooks). The volume invites the reader on a personal journey around Lake Balaton, revealing the cultural landscape through the prism of writers and poets. It is a collection of poetic images, soul-sketches, wave-polished stories of great insights, light, floating, yet not weightless panoramas.


The book contains writings that remind me of Lake Balaton, even if they have nothing to do with the lake

wrote Zsolna Ugron, the book's editor, in her foreword.

For this selection of writings, we chose paintings and drawings by Lilla von Puttkamer, matching the variety, breadth, depth, and height of texts with airiness, blurred contours, and pastel colours. They neither explain nor complement but pair with the literature as equals.

In Refraction

Another newly published POKET book, Fénytörésben (In Refraction), is intended to be another guide to the infinite universe of Lake Balaton. We asked prominent representatives of the contemporary Hungarian literary scene to translate their most broadly understood experiences of Lake Balaton into fiction.

The writings are on any subject of the writers' choice as long as they reflect on the "Lake Balaton" theme. Thus, this volume's poems and short stories were born, illustrated, and imbued with personal inspirations.

Lake Balaton, again, has not disappointed, as it is an inexhaustible source of inspiration. It shines in the texts of the volume in the most varied literary language, in the forms of the most diverse literary perspectives, and the most disparate literary approaches. The images of everyday objects that accompany each piece of writing, hopefully guarantee the closeness and intimacy most of us feel when we look at the lake: we have come home once again.

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