VEB2023 Roadshow Stops in Ljubljana: Slovenian Fans of Culture are Warmly Welcome...

On 7 December, a high-level delegation from the Veszprem-Balaton 2023 European Capital of Culture (#VEB2023) presented the fantastic range of programmes planned by Veszprém and the participating 116 settlements of the Bakony-Balaton region to Slovenian cultural diplomats, tourism specialists and those interested in Hungarian culture. The exciting and multi-faceted calendar holds attractions for guests of all ages and interests, whether from Hungary and abroad.

Slovenia, being so close to Hungary, is a particularly important stop for the Roadshow. Veszprém, the ‘City of Queens’ and the centre of VEB2023 programmes, is only 4 hours away from Ljubljana by car, or 6 hours by direct train. Other important participating towns such as Keszthely are even closer. Even though Novi Gorica is on the other side of Slovenia, a mere 5 hours by car separates the 2023 and 2025 European Capitals of Culture (ECoC). In fact, Novi Gorica will be coming to Veszprém as part of the InterUrban Project highlighting the city’s culture, gastronomy and performers for 2 weeks from 5-18 June 2023.

The Liszt Institute in Ljubljana graciously hosted the morning press breakfast for local and national media; followed by an evening event at the same venue for cultural diplomats, tourism specialists and those interested in Hungarian culture. Hungary’s Ambassador to Slovenia Mr. Andor Dávid opened the evening with personal recollections of his childhood at Lake Balaton and the similarities between certain Hungarian and Slovenian traditions. The following roundtable about the Veszprém-Balaton 2023 history and programme was moderated by Bíborka Molnár, Director of the Hungarian Liszt Institute in Slovenia. Representatives from Novi Gorica, Slovenia - 2025 European Capital of Culture, also attended the evening.

Chief Press Officer Mihaly Müller, Events ManagerKárolyNeméth andDirector of Programme Development Frida Mike participated in the evening roundtable discussion about the essence of the ECoC programme and the key events of next year. The speakers focused particularly on the easyaccessibility of the many programmes for those who do not speak Hungarian; such as music, dance, art exhibitions, and gastronomy-wine events. The backdrop was enriched by our traveling HelloVEB Photo Exhibition and slideshow which features stunning photos of the region. The evening was closed by four pairs of dancers from the afore-mentioned Veszprém-Bakony Folk Dance Group who enchanted the guests with their half-hour programme; and a tasting table filled with regional delicacies from local producers such was ham, cheeses, vegetarian sandwich spreads and wine (see below for details).

Visitors can explore the year-long programme for events that best appeal to their interests, either by themes or the 9 clusters we created. Although the programme can be accessed by our webpage in Hungarian, English and German, visitors are encouraged to download our convenient free app to stay up to date. 

The presentation in Ljubljana was the third stop in a series of international roadshow appearances in various European cities. Less than 50 days before the official Grand Opening scheduled for 21-22 January 2023, our extensive offering of literally thousands of programmes in the 1000-year-old City of Veszprém and the Bakony-Balaton region have already been largely compiled and scheduled. The roadshow is heading next to Belgradeon1February 2023, and then a dozen more stops in the new year so that as many people as possible may become acquainted with the cultural and natural treasures of Veszprém and the Bakony-Balaton region.

Tasting Table Background

Regional premium wines included Badacsonyi Furmint 2020 first harvest from the Nagy & Nagy Winery; Premium Sínai Hill Cabernet Sauvignon 2018 from the Garamvári Estate; and the Prestige Brut 2018 sparkling wine from the Garamvári Esate.

Delicacies from local producers included cordials (Tapolca), mangalica salami and sandwich spread (Káptalantóti), mint-green pea vegetarian sandwich cream (Barnag), sausage from Patonai Hús  (Nemesvámos), cheeses from Sümegtej (Sümeg), cappuccino and orange chocolate-covered pumpkin seeds from Peiba (Nemesvámos), vegetarian ramp sandwich cream from Szent Kinga Éléstára Szoc. Szöv. (Küngös), Tazika sandwich creams (Barnag) and Tökös Sárkány pumpkin seed-chili cream from the Tagyon Estate (Tagyon). 


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