Common Sense

Organized by Veb2023 Online
Organized by Veb2023 Online

The VEB 2023 Common Sense event series was established to support enterprises, institutions and non-governmental organisations that would like to help the variety of Veszprém-Balaton 2023 ECoC programmes with their own cultural, art projects; activities. It supposed to continue the success of the latest programme series: the VEB 2023 /w You and the VEB 2023 Smarter Together workshops. The basic goal of VEB 2023 Common Sense is community building, taking good examples from the international scene and networking with the other ECoC cities.

3 p.m. - 5:30 p.m. „Az önkéntesség, mint szervezeti erőforrás” (Volunteering as an organizational resource)

Workshop for NGOs, institutions, representatives of cultural organizations.

We introduce the volunteering system of VEB 2023 and our international guests who help and encourage the reception of volunteers by experience and practice transfer.

Matera - Italy: How could we motivate the volunteers in the long-term? Online communication practices to inspire - Successful methods, good practices in both topics

Sibiu/Nagyszeben - Romania: How to organize the international volunteering by useful ideas and best practices.

The presentations will be available on ZOOM with interpretation.

Participants can discuss the topics in details in thematic zoom rooms after the lectures.

Participation is free of charge but pre-registration is mandatory. Early registration is recommended, because the places are limited!

Registration dead line: 26. November 2021 

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