We can help you go green at your festival! When you plan to travel to ECoC events, you can make a difference by making choices that help reduce your environmental impact!

Sustainability is one of the core values of the Veszprém-Balaton 2023 European Capital of Culture programme, so our events must be environmentally sustainable. As the return journey is usually one of the most polluting activities for events, it is important for us to encourage people to choose less polluting modes of transport. 

How can you get to the VEB2023 ECoC events? 

  • ECoC Region 24-hour Ticket ECoC Region 24-hour Ticket ECoC Region 24-hour Ticket Veszprém-Balaton EKF 24-hour transport ticket's here! Roam unlimited in the Veszprém-Balaton EKF region. Validity area

With the 24-hour ticket you can travel on trains and Volán buses in the Veszprém area, and even on V-Bus Veszprém city services. Those travelling to priority programmes can still opt for the Veszprém-Balaton 2023 ECoC ticket, which offers a cost-effective alternative for the journey to and from the region.

  • Train Train Train Visitors can travel to VEB2023 ECoc flagship events from anywhere in Hungary with a discounted ECoC ticket with a symbolic price of HUF 2023. The unique fare is valid for a return trip from anywhere in the country. Buy tickets online

The round-trip ECoC ticket costing HUF 2023 is or has been valid for the following events:

ECoC Opening - 21-22 January

Blues Festival - 13-16 April.

This is the day! - 15 March

Gizella Days 2023 - 7-14 May 

Hungarian Motion Picture Festival - 7-10 June

ECoC Halving Feast - 14-17 June

VeszprémFest 2023 - 12-16 July

Rosé, Riesling and Jazz Days - 12-16 July 2023.

Veszprém Street Music Festival 2023 - 19-22 July

Valley of Arts - 21-30 July

Auer Festival - 1-6 August - 20/20/20 20

Kőfeszt - 3-6 August

INOTA Festival - 31 August - 3 September

BALKAN: NOW festival - 7-9 September

Balaton Wine and Gourmet - 21-24 September

Jazz Festival - 16-19 November

From the railway station in Veszprém you can easily get to the city centre with the local V-Bus services (1, 2, 4-4A, 10), which run according to the railway timetable.

  • Volánbusz - regional bus services Volánbusz - regional bus services Volánbusz - regional bus services Thanks to the Volánbusz vehicle modernisation programme, the carbon dioxide emissions of the bus fleet are reduced year by year. Timetable
  • V-Busz - local bus services V-Busz - local bus services V-Busz - local bus services The schedule information of local bus services in Veszprém is also available in real time on Google Maps. V-Bus website

There are direct bus services from the railway station to the city centre (1, 2, 4-4A, 10), and we recommend Veszprém bus station or Hotel to get off.

  • V-Bike V-Bike V-Bike V-Bike aims to reduce air pollution, congestion and noise in the city. In Veszprém, a total of 100 electric bikes have been made available for hire, which can be rented at one of the 10 collection stations and then dropped off at any station. Website
  • Oscar Oscar Oscar Are you coming by car and do you have room in your car? Sign up for Oscar and come in droves! You can also join as a passenger, find a ride! Oscar website
  • BlaBlaCar BlaBlaCar BlaBlaCar If you have room in your car, register and find passengers or join other people's advertised trips. Website
  • Lime Lime Lime Rolling reduces the amount of carbon dioxide released into the atmosphere. Download the app to see where the nearest available vehicle is to you. How to use it
  • Car Car Car You can also choose to drive, but we would not recommend it, as you will have to park further away from the venue of the main ECoc events. In addition, by using public transport you also protect the environment. Parking zones and charges
  • Accessibility Accessibility Accessibility For our disabled guests, we provide accessible parking and a map suggestion for access. Click on the links below for more information! Accessible approach
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