Forte Társulat: Detaining The Time / Gisela Days 2024

VEB2023 implementation
VEB2023 implementation

Every May, the largest multidisciplinary arts festival in the City of Queens fills the streets of the castle quarter and the city centre with a colourful cavalcade of free music, art, theatre, literature and family events.

Forte Társulat – Szkéné Színház ­– Kultháló:


based on the works of György Bodosi

Landscapes from a village writer

DIRECTOR: Csaba Horváth 

MUSIC: Mihály Dresch 

Csaba Horváth and Nóra Földeáki spent more than a year researching the legacy of Dr. Tivadar Józsa, also known as György Bodosi, in Pécsely, in the Balaton Highlands. The polyhistor, who served as a general practitioner in the village and neighbouring settlements for many decades, is not well known either in his own community or in wider literary circles, although his work was supported by Gyula Illyés and Sándor Weöres. He devoted his life to his main vocation, and while travelling around the villages of the region, he observed everything. The character, the fate, the way of life and the problems of the villagers, natural phenomena, animals, plants, the changing times and the teachings of the universe. 

Detaining the time is an imprint of this. Images, stories, characters from the life of a village, poetry and physicality with the soul-stirring music of Mihály Dresch, which creates a familiar world that operates according to its own laws. György Bodosi's oeuvre draws from the local and moves towards the universal. That is why it is worth lifting him out of the mists of obscurity and making him public.

Cast: Nóra Földeáki, Fanni Hevesi, Panka Kondákor Ajsa, István Bari, László Fehér, Barnabás Horkay, Csaba Krisztik, Márton Pallag, Kristóf Widder

Music: Mihály Dresch

Musicians: Mihály Dresch, Ferenc Zimber, Ágoston Lőrinc Mohácsy

Director: Csaba Horváth

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