VEB2023 implementation Old Town Square
VEB2023 implementation Old Town Square

Cheerfulness, cozy chat, breakfast and lunch together, clean, quality and local ingredients. Shopping bag or basket, maybe even canvas bag. Everyone browses on the market differently, however once someone tastes the market, they can never let it go. We would like to create this feeling in the Old Town Square.

Diverse farm products, handicrafts, thematic programmes awaits every guest of the market, making the Sunday-shopping a wonderful community experience once every two weeks.

Old Town Market dates:

Sunday, 1st May
Sunday, 15th May
Sunday, 29th May

Opening hours: 9:00 a.m. - 1:00 p.m.

As we all experience the truth of the old saying ourselves “You are what you eat” and many of us start to choose the “slow living” lifestyle, trying to flee from the rat race, the culture for market has gained recognition once again in Hungary. Therefore, our conclusion is that, the European Capital of Culture for 2023 can not stay out of this trend.

The Old Town Market is supported by the ECoC VEB2023.




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