Papírkutya concert - Franck & Damien (FR) - 2nd day

VEB2023 tendered collaboration Papírkutya
VEB2023 tendered collaboration Papírkutya

The best things are born out of fateful encounters - Franck and Damien's music is a perfect example.

When a driver picks up a hitchhiker and during the journey they become so close that they form a band, it's a lucky encounter. But when we hear the harmony between Franck and Damien, when we see - unmissable even if it's a cliché - how they are in sync, when we feel how Franck's voice and Damien's strumming complement each other, then the above story turns from lucky to fateful. 

Not only do Franck and Damien share a love of surfing, deserted California, wild Australia, lap steel guitar and banjo, but also a love of blues, roots country and folk-rock. That's what makes their sound so good together.

Concert music papírkutya MUSIC/CITY


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