Réka Farkasházi and Tintanyúl / GyereKert 2024

VEB2023 implementation
VEB2023 implementation

We look forward to welcoming you to the realm of exuberant fun!

Celebrating its 18th birthday this year, the two-time Fonogram Award-winning children's orchestra believes that they are educating the audience of the future. 

The group's main mission is to entertain children, and the music and lyrics of all their songs are designed to do just that. Promoting contemporary poetry is important to them. Most of all, they want children to experience the magic of live music with their families.

On their spring tour, they will offer the usual family party atmosphere

Réka Farkasházi - actress, theatre and drama teacher, 

and members of the orchestra:

Ferenc Csiszár - guitar, vocals

Tamás Kálmán - guitar, vocals

Jávor Delov - drums

László Studniczky - bass guitar

Concert celebration music Children and teens GyereKert 2024


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