Salföld – Mine ǀ Cult Network VEB2023 base EVENT SERIES

Organized by Partner
Organized by Partner

One of the prettiest Kál Basin villages, Salföld has received the opportunity to host a new initiative and take part in the ECoC VEB2023 programme as a Cult Network base. The venue is a long-abandoned sandmine site, where cultural events are planned to present the personalities of local artistic life and the creative industry. The ˮMine” will in the long run be turned into a monumental outdoor installation, as it is intended to become home to land art works in the upcoming years. It was this concept and ideas of a number of cultural events that secured backing from Cult Network VEB2023.

Art courses, concerts, applied art shows and sessions, theatre events, literary evenings and community programmes are going to take place in the sand of the Mine, where children and adults can have encounters with these by gaining their own activity-based experiences: they will not be reduced to the status of external observers in the lines of the audience. Organizers would like to implement most programmes in a way which involves visitors and gives lasting memories as well as added value to these meetings with arts and creative acts. All this in an environment where closeness to nature plus an open and flexibly adjustable space provide enough freedom to do so.

For a detailed programme see: BÁNYA | on Facebook.

A selection of our programmes:

29th July: the opening event of the barn dancing series with Csürrentő Band. An aim of the Thursday barn dancing programmes is to bring traditions back to life as a community occasion, and invite performers who have links to other genres, e.g. the world of jazz, which has a major role in local artistic life. 


30th July: a concert by Zefiroth Sephardic Trio – János Vázsonyi of Pécsely and his band; event details HERE


30th July  – 1st August and 20th-22nd August: Art Design Market all day – applied arts fair and show 


5th August: barn dancing evening – string dances with Kalász Banda led by Attila Kaszap of Szentantalfa 


6th August: “Kalandozások a Weöres-tengeren – Roaming the Weöres Sea” – a “literary dub live act”  by actor/musician Barna Simó Lakatos of Mindszentkálla


5th, 12th, 19th and 26th August: a children’s programme by the Kabóca Puppet Theatre of Veszprém with animators 


13th-14th August: MINE Music festival with interactive music sessions and workshops, with a focus on improvisation and musical experimentation (bands: Mörk, OIEE, Solére, NovaN, Gábor Havai, Kodachrome, Metrosection, A Bence Kalandjai) Event details HERE.


15th August: a chess competition for adults and children with chess master Gyula Kosztolánczi of Tapolca

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