The Musical Heritage of Lower Austria - concert

VEB2023 implementation
VEB2023 implementation

Concert in honour of composers who were born or lived and worked in Lower Austria (F. Schubert, J. Haydn, E. Krenek and Gottfried von Einem), interpreted by artists from Lower Austria.

Performing Artists:  

Günter Haumer (Bariton)  

Leo Baumgartner (Violin)  

Thomas Michael Auner (Violoncello) 

Andrea Linsbauer (Klavier)  


I.J. Pleyel: Piano trio in G major (Ben432): 1.Allegro

J.Haydn: -The Wanderer

- She never told her Love

F.Schubert: Sonata for piano and violin in D major (D 384): 1. Allegro molto F.Schubert: -The Wanderer to the Moon

- Serenade

-To Silvia

L.van Beethoven: - Farewell thou noisy town

- Since Greybeards inform us that Youth will decay

- Come draw round a cheerful Ring

W. Wagner: Ballad for piano trio

H. Wolf: - Foot trip


 - The Musician

A.Mahler: -I walk among flowers

A.Schönberg: -Expectation (Op.2/1)

F. Cerha: Suite for Cello

K. Schwertsik: Three late love songs

The concert is supported by the Federal State of Lower Austria.

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