Shine together!

Volunteering in our programme helps you be part of the European Capital of Culture family and contribute to bringing about a fascinating and unforgettable thing WITH YOU here back home in the Veszprém-Balaton region.

Be part of our team!

  • Opportunity  - A unique opportunity to make new friends, new contacts and acquaintances. 
  • Learning: You can learn a lot about yourself, others, and cultural values; you can get new types of kowledge. 
  • Activity: You can become an active and valuable member of your area’s community
  • Exeriences: You can take part in a lot of experiences, fun, and memorable moments. Laugh with others, meet people, explore and share unforgettable moments!  

Be an active part of  ECoC VEB 2023! As a volunteer, you can have different perspective on the programmes and live through the events.   A once-in-a-lifetime opportunity! You can be part of an experience that spans several years and will have an extraordinary impact on your life.

We are currently recruiting Hungarian speaking volunteers. Please check our HU site or come back later. 

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