Welcome to Hungary's new cutural, creative region – Veszprém-Balaton 2023, European Capital of Culture

Welcome to Hungary's new cutural, creative region – Veszprém-Balaton 2023, European Capital of Culture


The aim of the Veszprém-Balaton 2023 European Capital of Culture project is to make Veszprém, together with the region, a new cultural hub of Europe.   

The European Capital of Culture title is an opportunity for the region to join forces to showcase its centuries-old traditions, cultural diversity, gastronomy and natural assets to Europe and the domestic public.  

The ECoC VEB 2023 programme pays particular attention to a number of horizontal principles in it sown and co-producedevents. These are sustainability, volunteering and visitor-friendly programming.  


Throughout 2022, the year of the dress rehearsal, visitors will be able to enjoy a varied programme of activities every day of the year.   

Even before it was awarded the title, Veszprém had already hosted several events and festivals of national and international importance covering a wide range of music and related arts.   

In addition to popular festivals and events like VeszprémFest, Utcazene (Street Music) Festival, Auer Festival and DANCE Festival, the city of Veszprém will also be enriched with new programmes in the lead-up year. Whether it's music played for joy, acoustic concerts or street performances, the city's vibrant cultural diversity will captivate all visitors.  Newly opened design shops, bars and service providers promoting local gastronomy  will help you relax in the city centre.  

Photo: Burger Zsolt

In 2022, from 9th to 12th June, the popular Hungarian Motion Picture Festival will be held for the second time, transforming popular and historically significant locations of downtown Veszprém into open-air cinemas. Two nearby towns will also join the festival: in Balatonalmádi and Balatonfüred you will be able to watch your favourite Hungarian films on the shore of Lake Balaton. 


So far, 118 municipalities in the region have joined the ECoC VEB 2023 programme. They will all be involved in the programme year and its launch with high-quality programmes of arts, culture, music and gastronomy. As a result, it not only in Veszprém, but also across the Bakony-Balaton region where events celebrating creativity will take place every day.    

In 2022, therewill be eight Kultháló (CultNet) basessetup in settlementsaround Lake Balaton, where we can gain an insight into the life of the creative communities of the region and their creative processes.  At the flagship events of thebases, a concertcanalways be a little more than "just" a concert, because it allows you to go behind the scenes; in the exhibition  spaces you can sometimes experience the joy of joint creation or learning by playing; when it comes to classical music, longer preparatory programmes and joint listening sessions help you better understand what you are hearing. 

Visit Veszprém! Explore the Veszprém-Bakony-Balaton region! 

Further info: Shine! The Celebration of Creativity. (veszprembalaton2023.hu)

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