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VEB2023 tendered collaboration
VEB2023 tendered collaboration

The Art of Following Tradition

Community building and education are the two keywords of the cultural diversity programme in the Berhida region. 

Led by the founders of Romani Design, Erika and Helena Varga, the large-scale project builds on the designers' diverse professional experience gained over many years in various Roma communities. Romani Design has been a catalyst for 11 years, generating many positive developments across the fashion and contemporary design segment. By placing traditional values in a modern context, it has a voice in the world of applied arts, fashion and media, using innovative language and occupying a distinct position among the leading players in the sector. The two Roma sisters are respected members of their community. They have an excellent knowledge of its cultural habits, which is essential for implementing the programme they have undertaken.

The programme aims to develop the education of disadvantaged Roma youth and communities in the region by using all-around artistic tools and actual knowledge transfer. The project is also a high-intensity, results-oriented, educational and community-building programme. It implements a holistic pedagogical approach to development and talent management training in the Berhida region. Based on cultural diversity and accessibility, the programme elements promote the interweaving of cultures and set a new vision for the area based on acceptance and cooperation.

An important element of community-building is the inclusion of the Roma community in the cultural life of the municipality. The programme works to build close community links by mobilising the local Roma population with a unique and comprehensive methodology through their integrated arts.

Several programme elements have been launched in 2022 to help participants build the prestige of Roma culture together. For example, Gypsy language classes, Gypsy dance classes, fashion and handicraft workshops and hairdressing tricks attract Roma youth. Participants in the programme will also run media workshops, using video and photo campaigns to commemorate and elaborate days such as the Roma Holocaust and International Roma Day. The Gypsy All Stars music studio series was created to develop talent. In the studio, renowned music mentors work with families of musicians and young instrumentalists from Berhida to form and establish a local band.

The year-round work and programmes, which bring the whole community together, include some truly spectacular highlights, such as: 

  • Berhida Self-Made Fashion Days in May
  • Together for Berhida Biennale Exhibition Series from June to the end of November 
  • Gypsy All Stars Talent Gala from October to May 

  • ‘Holiday Fest’ Family Festival in December, to conclude the two-year programme.

Implemented by: Amaro Trajo - Életünk Roma Kultúráért Alapítvány (Amaro Trajo - Our Lives for Roma Culture Foundation)

Date: Continuously during 2022 and 2023 

Location: Berhida 


Partners: Berhida House of Culture and Library, Municipal Government of Berhida, Berhida Roma Minority Self-government and numerous local educational and support professionals 

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