South Balaton Contemporary Workshop and Fine Arts Residency

Tender cooperation
Tender cooperation

The Southern Balaton Contemporary Art Studio and Art Residency was first organised in 2018. The Studio is a unique and diverse series of cultural programmes that appeal to all ages and social groups. The events are free of charge and are visitor and family friendly. They aim to provide a high-quality professional milieu and a relaxed and uncluttered environment for Hungarian and foreign artists to realise their ideas. Over the past years, the studio and residence hosted nearly eighty talented artists.

In 2022, ten Hungarian and five foreign artists created works during the two-week professional programme of the South Balaton Contemporary Art Studio and Art Residency. The professionalism of the workshops is ensured each year by involving an internationally recognised Hungarian art mentor. In recent years, the mentors of the Studio were Attila Kondor, Róbert Batykó and Botond Keresztesi. Our professional partners include the acb Gallery, the KOGART Art Foundation, Kultú and local NGOs.

Implemented by: Dél-Balatoni Kortárs Művészeti és Fenntarthatósági Alapítvány (South-Balaton Contemporary Art and Sustainability Foundation)

Date: Summer 2023

Location: Szólád



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