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Ági Szalóki started her career in 1994. At the Kálmán Nádasdy Music School she was a student of Klára Bodza in the folk singing class. She is an open-minded musician who draws her inspiration primarily from traditional music and Hungarian poetry.  In 2004 she founded his first orchestra and made her first solo album. Her idols and masters are Márta Sebestyén, Mihály Dresch, Béla Szakcsi Lakatos, as well as Hungarian and Gypsy village singers from Transylvania. Her records are popular not only in Hungary. Eight of her albums have been released in Japan. She is also involved in social activities, working with several foundations, especially for children. She has won several Fonogram Awards, Artisjus Performers' Prize, Regional Príma Award and Liszt Ferenc Prize.

Körforgás, Ági Szalóki's family music book, was published by Kolibri Publishing and Tom-Tom Records to the great delight of all Lőrinc Cipity and Gingalló fans. Körforgás is a travel guide that many people can listen to for a long time, turn around and always find something new to learn.

Its musical material consists of poems sung by Attila József, Károly Tamkó Sirató, Anna Szabó T., Virág Erdős, Tamás Jónás and László Garaczi, among others. The composers, Ági Szalóki and Márton Fenyvesi, who worked together with Ági's close-knit team for the first time, have created a colourful and exciting musical world: the songs draw from the worlds of Hungarian, Gypsy, African Malian, Pygmy, Indian and jazz music traditions, as well as from the world of popular music. The lyrics of Körforgás are also diverse: they deal with life situations familiar to children and adults (travelling on the four-six tram, what happens when the computer freezes), but also offer opportunities for conversations about love, birth, family and passing. In the spirit of the cycle, the poems are surrounded by Anna Szabó T. 's storybook, with beautiful illustrations by Eszter Kiskovács.

Ági Szalóki's family concert will feature a selection of songs from her album Körforgás, songs from Lőrinc Cipity and Gingalló, and even from Téli-nyári laboda. There will also be songs not yet on the albums. 

Ágnes Szalóki - vocals

Zsolt Csókás - guitar

József Czibere - percussion

Zoltán Kovács - double bass

Krisztián Rácz - guitar

Péter Szalai - tabla

Miklós Gere - sound system

Concert celebration music Children and teens GyereKert 2024


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