VEB2023 tendered collaboration House of Arts Veszprém - Modern Art Gallery – László Vass Collection
VEB2023 tendered collaboration House of Arts Veszprém - Modern Art Gallery – László Vass Collection

A selection of works by female artists in the László Vass Collection

László Vass' passion for collecting dates back to the 1970s, but later he realised the intellectual and social importance of collecting, so he constantly visited galleries and studios, participated in international fairs and tried to maintain personal contact with as many artists as possible to get to know their creative philosophy.

From this conscious construction he has created a very significant collection, not only in Hungary, but also internationally, which is on display at the Modern Art Gallery in Veszprém. The collection is unified and clean, dominated by geometric lines and simple shapes, reflecting the collector's clear vision through paintings, sculptures and works on paper. On 20 January 2023, his newest exhibition, entitled Structural Harmonies, will open, focusing on the female artists in the collection. The exhibition aims to capture the phenomenon of Constructivist, Minimalist and Conceptual art in the post-war decades and present it as a process that also leads to contemporary art issues.


The newest exhibition at the Modern Art Gallery - László Vass Collection brings the Vass Collection into extra focus with more than fifty works from the collection: leading female artists in twentieth and twenty-first century art. The exhibition Structural Harmonies starts historically with works from the Bauhaus and concrete art traditions, moves on to European and American movements such as monochrome painting, minimalism and then expands the horizon to younger artists.


The exhibition brings together these trends and global perspectives on contemporary art in surprising constellations and thematic sections. The exhibition not only brings together the most important trends and artists in concrete art, op-art and minimalism, but also offers an opportunity to explore the diversity and complexity of 'geometric' trends.


Exhibiting artists:

Agnes Martin (CA), Anna Mark (HU), Aurélie Nemours (FR), Ditty Ketting (NL), Zsófia Farkas (HU), Geneviève Claisse (FR), Katalin Hetey (HU), José HEERKENS (NL), Ibolya Lossonczy (HU), Marcia Hafif (USA), Dóra Maurer (HU), Vera Molnár (HU), Nelly Rudin (CH), Judit Nem’s (HU), Márta Pán (HU), Eszter Radák (HU), Rita Ernst (CH), Sarah Morris (USA), Shizuko Yoshikawa (J), Júlia Vajda (HU), Erzsébet Vaszkó (HU), Verena

Loewensberg (CH), Kati Vilim (HU), Yuko Shiraishi (J)

fine art Reflection Opening


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