Bahorka Company: Comedy Express / GyereKert 2024

VEB2023 implementation
VEB2023 implementation

We look forward to welcoming you to the realm of exuberant fun!

Dear Passengers!

Please hurry with your boarding!

The Comedy Express is now departing for a musical cruise!

The train will run via the stations Bőröndmélye - Felsőzsebalja - Cipősarka - Párnacsücske - Tébolyda - Szekrényteteje - Zsírosbödön!

Song, story: 

Melinda Balogh

Sára Horváth

Lili Kaszai

and the band of the Bahorka Company

Music director:

Melinda Balogh


Luca Módy and Melinda Balogh

Duration: 50-55 minutes

Concert celebration music Children and teens GyereKert 2024


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