Electronic music workshop - BEGINNER - 20.09.

Organized by Partner Hangár (Dimitrov Próbateremcentrum)
Organized by Partner Hangár (Dimitrov Próbateremcentrum)

It affects you, surrounds you, calms you, uplifts you, helps you to express. That's what music can do! Take part in Soundplay programmes and experience the power of music for yourself!

Are you attracted to electronic music genres? Apart from weekend parties, would you learn about it on a weekday? Or would you simply like to try an alternative way of making music? 

Then you should definitely attend the workshop of Soundplay (Hangjáték), where you will learn about the basic tools, instruments and history of electronic music making.

In the workshop, we will dive into the world of sound design: sound waves, modulators, filters, etc. All this will be complemented by continuous instrumental and practical illustrations.

We also touch on computer-based music making, but the emphasis is on playing instruments and learning about their possibilities rather than working in front of a monitor.

This will be followed by a discussion of the various styles of electronic music (techno, house, hip-hop, trance, trap, dub, ambient, etc.) and other uses of electronic music (e.g. soundtracks).

If you already have some knowledge on the subject but would like to improve your skills further, we recommend our ADVANCED workshop from 18.45.

Participation is free, but registration is required by sending an email to [email protected] with the event, date and group (beginner/advanced).

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