Kispál és a Borz / Gyárkert

Organized by Partner
Organized by Partner

In 2024, Gyárkert in Veszprém is waiting for you with lots of great concerts!

The most influential alternative band of the past decades announced their reformation in 2022, and a year later they released a new album, Beszorult mondat. This year, on the tour, which also includes new songs from the album, the band will play some of their favourite new songs, as well as early Kispál songs and unmissable concert hits, with a special line-up of András Lovasi (vocals, bass), András Kispál (guitar), Ákos Dióssy D. (keyboards), Ferenc Bajkai (drums), Bence Babcsán (winds), Hunor G. Szabó (drums, guitar).

The final stop of the tour is Veszprém!

Concert music gyárkert


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