LISZT 210 – Organ Concert Series

Organized by Partner Basilica minor
Organized by Partner Basilica minor

This year’s series of the works of Franz Liszt is part of a years-long series on introducing the pieces of master organ composers.

Last year, the pieces of the natural Johann Sebastian Bach were performed by the most excellent musicians; this year we are remembering one of the greatest Hungarian composers ever, Franz Liszt. His works composed for organ are the deepest and most intimate manifests of his dazzling personality. Our concerts witness the versatile art of the Composer. We’ll hear many pieces composed to organ as well as several organ transcriptions of works written to other instruments or musical ensembles. 

The two historic organs of the Abbey of Zirc are suitable for the interpretation of the music literature of the instrument in the manner of the age of Liszt. Why the Great Organ of Zirc is excellent for rendering the art of Franz Liszt?

Because its original pipes were produced by the famous Rieger Organ Factory at the beginning of the 1900ies. From the original pipe material, keeping the old and precious items and replacing the missing elements, the Aquincum Organ Factory of Budapest, successor in title of the old Rieger Factory built a live organ with a mechanical connecting system and precisely sounding notes, two decades ago.

The stop knobs of the Zirc pipe organ producing the sounds of strings or floating sounds, which play an important role in the Romantic organ music of Liszt are worth mentioning. This music doesn’t fit together well in all instruments, but the pipe organ of the Abbey is definitely well suited to the rendition of these works.

All performers are prominent members of the Hungarian community of organists: Mr Levente Kuzma has given concerts all over the world as an invited artist of several renowned musical festivals; Mr András Lakner-Bognár graduated from the Vienna Academy of Music, who can be proud of an impressive list of music industry touring career; and Mr Dénes Kapitány, the Organist of the Abbey of Zirc.

Mr Levente Kuzma


29.08.2021. (Sunday) 4 p.m. – 5 p.m. ­­­– „Fény és árnyék” (Light and Shadow) – Levente Kuzma organ virtuoso

19.09.2021 (Sunday) 4 p.m. – 5 p.m. – „Szimfonikus orgonamuzsika” (Symphonic organ music) – András Lakner-Bognár organ virtuoso, contributing the Orlando and the Opus singing groups

17.10.2021. (Sunday) 4 p.m. – 5 p.m. – „Liszt Ferenc vallásos képei” (Ferenc Liszt’s religious pictures) – Dénes Kapitány organ virtuoso


Available at the Monostori gift shop from Tuesday to Sunday 9 a.m. - 5 p.m.

Price: 1.600HUF - the ticket includes 1 bottle of beer from the Zirci Apátsági Manufaktúra (Zirc Abbey Manufacture), which you can drink on the unconventional meet-and-greet with the artists.

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