OPENING – Bar Pianists

VEB2023 implementation Veszprém, Megyeház tér
VEB2023 implementation Veszprém, Megyeház tér

This genre, which has a history of at least 100 years, is special in its diverse and multifaceted quality, with practitioners who are equally at home in both classical and popular music. A bar pianist's repertoire covers all genres and styles: operetta, opera, musicals, retro and contemporary Hungarian hits, film music, French chanson, international melodies, classical pieces and much more! The opening event will be enriched by such great artists in the Bar Pianists' space.

14:00-14:50 / Zoltán Oláh (Winner of the 2022 Bar Pianist Competition)

15:00-15:50 / István Pikács (Podium finish at the 2022 Bar Pianist Competition)

16:00-16:50 / Ferenc Rigó (founding member of the Hungarian Bar Pianists' Association)

He started his music school studies at the age of 7 and continued at the Béla Bartók Conservatory with Katalin Halmágyi. In addition to classical music, jazz is also close to his heart. He learned all the skills of bar pianism from Jenő Esze. He has performed in many countries, including Japan, Singapore, Malaysia, Morocco and Germany. In recent years he played at the Four Seasons Hotel in Budapest until March 2020.

17:00-17:50 / Taligás Tibor (2022-es Bárzongorista Verseny különdíjasa)

It was at the age of five that he became close to his instrument, the piano, which he developed to artistic heights during his studies. To this day, baroque piano is the genre of music that is closest to his heart, because this is the segment of the profession where the most varied repertoire in the most diverse styles can be performed. For over 40 years he has been playing with uninterrupted success at home and in many countries. He was 2nd prize winner of the 2004 Bar Pianist Competition. He represents the American style from which the Piano Bar originated, with a subtle jazz influence.

18:00-19:00 / Gyula Nyári (President of the Hungarian Bar Pianists' Association, Pianist of the Hungarian State Opera)



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