OPENING - Papírkutya (Paper Dog)

VEB2023 implementation Papírkutya
VEB2023 implementation Papírkutya

Papírkutya (Paper Dog) Culture Bistro has been a long-standing supporter of live music, and a particular fan of jazz, so on this special day, it provides a late breakfast or early lunch with its invited musicians in an uplifting atmosphere. So let's have breakfast, lunch and dinner to jazz!

10:00-11:00 / Gyárfás Trio feat. Noémi Nagy

(István Gyárfás - guitar, Márton Soós - bass, Balázs Cseh - drums, Noémi Nagy - vocals)

11:15-12:15 / Fröccs Trio

(Marcell Gyányi - bass, Gábor Weisz - saxophone, Márk Badics - drums)

12:30-13:30 / Pankastic

(Krisztián Oláh - piano, György Orbán - bass, Panna Pálmai - vocals, Dániel Serei - drums, Gábor Ladányi - guitar, Jenő Lisztes - bass)

Pankastic! achieved outstanding success after the first year of their foundation. Their curiosity of sound has made them a niche on the Hungarian popular music scene.Their style called "Django-pop" blends the jazz sound of the happy peacetimes with the uniqueness of modern pop and world music. The combination of manouche swing and the sound of the cymbal is an internationally original musical concept, which, coupled with singer Panna Pálmai's cheerful, energetic charisma, makes Pankastic inimitable. The band plays mainly the compositions of songwriter Tamás Kálmán and the band itself, with some bold, witty arrangements to add to the repertoire. Their first hit "Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter" debuted on Petőfi Radio, and in 2015 they also appeared with great success on the TV show "A Dal", followed by a series of invitations and memorable concerts. Pankastic! was a resounding success at MOM, A38, and in the sold-out MÜPA concert hall; Dohnányi Orchestra, András Hajós and Myrtill were among the band's invited guests. The singer's duet with Gergő Oláh, entitled Bújjunk el (Let's hide), can still be seen on music TV stations. In addition to concerts in Budapest, the band has played at Bansko Jazz, Arad Jazz, Hungastry Festival in Brussels, Savaria Historical Festival, SZIGET, VOLT, the Valley of Arts and Paloznak Jazz Picnic, Gere Jazz Festival, VeszprémFest, the PIM V4 concert series with Slovak violinist Stanislav Palúch and now at nearly a hundred festivals, clubs and private events in Hungary and abroad. The secret of Pankastic!'s success is that their light, melodic and accessible music is performed by outstanding representatives of the genre. In addition to the virtuoso play of guitarist Gábor Ladányi, the humorous stage presence and the genre's unique character, he is also the driving force behind the rhythm section, and has toured the world with the band  of Roby Lakatos. Jenő Lisztes is a world-class cymbalist who has also performed as a soloist with the Budapest Festival Orchestra at the Royal Albert Hall. György Orbán has played bass in countless Hungarian jazz groups, and (has) worked with Béla Szakcsi Lakatos and Palya Bea. Drummer Dániel Serei is the percussionist of Budapest Jazz Orchestra, who has performed with world stars like Raúl Midón and James Morrison. The soul of the orchestra is singer Panna Pálmai, who always creates a cheerful and positive atmosphere with her unique voice and direct charisma during concerts. The newest and youngest member of the band is the outstanding pianist and composer Krisztián Oláh, one of the most well-known and influential personalities of the Hungarian jazz scene.

13:45-14:45 / Gáspár Károly Trio

(Károly Gáspár - piano, Géza Jónás - bass, Balázs Bágyi - drums)

15:00-16:00 / Chet's Mood Trio

(Patrik Sebestyén - trumpet, Márton Stummer - guitar, György Orbán - bass)

16:15-17:15 / Kőszegi Rhythm & Brass

(Imre Kőszegi - drums, Kristóf Bacsó - saxophone, Sándor Molnár - tenor saxophone, György Orbán - bass)

17.30-19:00 / Oláh Kálmán Quartet

(Kálmán Oláh - piano, József Barcza-Horváth - bass, Elemér Balázs - drums, Kálmán Oláh Jr. - saxophone)



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