OPENING – Petőfi Theatre of Veszprém

VEB2023 implementation Veszprémi Petőfi Színház
VEB2023 implementation Veszprémi Petőfi Színház

Eve's Apple circus show

Special theatre-circus show at Petőfi Theatre in Veszprém! A show about forbidden fruit - Eve's Apple, inviting you to a unique journey through time! Anna Kodák and Olivér Zsilák present the creation of mankind through the various genres of circus arts: pair acrobatics, agility, ball and hoop manipulation, strength, dexterity, aerial gymnastics and comedy.

Hungarian Virtù - Hungaricum - Operetta Whirlwind

In a special location, in the heart of Veszprém. A heart-stopping musical compillation of the most famous operetta hits by the artists of Petőfi Theatre of Veszprém!

A Petőfi for every day

Our programme to celebrate the 200th anniversary of the birth of our theatre's eponym will start on 1st January 2023. Every day of the year, we will feature a poem by Sándor Petőfi in online media, commemorating one of our greatest poets. We welcome not only our troupe's members, but also our audiences and all those who love to recite and like Sándor Petőfi's poems! During the opening ceremony, the 21st part of our programme will be recorded in the morning in the studio in the Theatre lobby and broadcast live on social media.



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