Veszprém Blues Festival 2023

VEB2023 tendered collaboration
VEB2023 tendered collaboration

Four world-renowned Grammy-winning blues artists are joined by finalists of European Blues Challenge and International Blues Challenge in recent years. Elefsina and Timișoara will delegate their best alongside the genre's Hungarian stars.

The Veszprém Blues Festival is not simply a tribute to the time-honoured traditions of a great genre but a showcase of the vitality and power of contemporary blues.

Grammy Award-winning performers, winners of the highest European and American festival awards, and the most prominent players on the domestic scene are intent on creating the greatest blues event in Central Eastern Europe at a festival unprecedented in the region.

Defying stereotypes, we will prove that blues is a sweeping, entertaining, and innovative genre even for a wider audience, one that continues to be a fascinating, inspiring, and defining province of contemporary popular music. We believe that the time for specialised festivals is not over and that a more intense encounter with blues is an excellent way of shaping a shared taste for more refined music!

With four days at four venues and a strong focus on illuminating background programmes and professional workshops, the festival's sparkling line-up and unique programme structure will guarantee that blues, a genre that is thought to appeal to a limited audience only, can break out of its constraints and be a celebration of contemporary popular music enriching the musical offer of a region in transition.   

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