Design Week


Veszprém has joined the series of events in 2018, which has been developing nationwide since 2004, with the intention of contributing to raising awareness of the economic and social role of design, boosting confidence in design and improving communication among participants in the field.

Design Hét

The programmes of the Design Week in Veszprém are usually organised around two important themes. On one hand, in preparation for the role of the Capital of Culture, we explore the city's centuries-old traditions related to design as well as research and development through international collaborations. At the same time, Veszpém, in addition to its outstanding musical and fine art events, can also present its other treasures. On the other hand, Veszprém, fulfilling its regional role and taking advantage of its proximity to Lake Balaton, invites and encourages the region's creative contributors during the Design Week to showcase the hidden design, architectural and creative gems of the Balaton highlands through factory visits, walks and other programmes.


Although the city has only been an active participant of the national arts scene for a short time, it has managed to launch powerful, forward-looking projects during its advocacy. The exhibitions titled ‘12 Wall ’,‘ The Face, the Pool, Two Towers and a Ruin',  the Pecha Kucha events all foster a positive image of the city and add to its vision.

Az arc, a medence, 2 torony és egy rom kiállítás
12 Fal


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