Füge Ice Cream Yard and Café / Street Management Programme

Tender cooperation
Tender cooperation

We want Veszprém to be a place where the historical city centre is full of exciting areas! We would like locals to start the day with a nice breakfast in a café, sit on a terrace for lunch and have a delicious ice cream at 8 p.m. That is the responsibility of Füge Ice Cream Yard and Café since May. It also supports the cultural life of the city and hosts the Kávéházak éjszakája (Night of Cafés) event or the Pannon Showplace Theatre's meet-and-greet.

Füge Ice Cream Yard and Café in Veszprém is a cosy community place to enjoy your ice cream and cake specialities where locals and tourists are always welcome! It is important that a city should become unforgettable for visitors not just by its sights, but also by its unique gastronomic and cultural variety.

Why Veszprém? Anna’s family comes from here, her grandparents live here as well; therefore during the pandemic Márton and Anna decided that they move to the City of Queens from Budapest temporarily with their 2,5 year-old daughter, Rozi. “I fell in love with the city at first sight and a year ago we decided to move here permanently,” - says Márton. >>>


Street Management Programme

Füge Ice Cream Yard and Café is supported by the VEB2023 Street Management Programme. The aim of the programme is to make an old dream of Veszprémers come true and fill the route leading to Veszprém castle - that is, Óváros Square and its surroundings - with life even when there are no major events ongoing. 

We have identified the problem that developments in this neighbourhood simply will not work on a pinpoint basis. So we have launched our Utcakép Fejlesztési Program (Street Management Programme) to help open establishments which could improve the atmosphere of the square and fill it with life. 

We would like to add new functions to the long-vacant business premises in the city centre that were missing from the palette, but at the same time could help Veszprém become a European destination.


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