Hangjáték - new development programme for music

VEB2023 implementation
VEB2023 implementation

Pop music trainings, choir restart, activities for children – Hangjáték, development programme for the music of Veszprém-Balaton 2023 European Capital of Culture is introducing to the public. The mission of Hangjáték is to promote the music culture of Veszprém and its surrounding. Aims to turn the City of Queens into the place, where the most musicians live in Hungary in accordance with the UNESCO title won in 2019 The City of Music As the first step of Hangjáték broad consultations have started with local experts. After the experiences gathered, we would like to start such a programme series in autumn 2021 that would supplement the already existing opportunities of music education.

Hungarian speaking teachers and organisers can apply HERE!! 


„Active music playing makes you happier.” 


Actively playing music boosts the happiness of individuals, it also helps you create a more balanced life. Moreover, it is a useful guide in every phase of our life: at a young age playing an instrument and singing contributes to cognitive development, in senior age, it helps to preserve the mental health and makes you happier in the long term. 

Therefore, it is no surprise that we would like to improve the numbers on how much we play on a musical instrument in Hungary and Veszprém is also an ideal location to lay the foundations of this new urban concept for community music. The city has significant traditions in music pedagogy, it is the centre of a vibrant cultural region and has a colourful milieu for music - this is also the reason among other things why Veszprém earned the titles of 2023 European Capital of Culture and the UNESCO City of Music. 

Elements of the programme

This pioneering project will begin in autumn 2021 and also aims at multiple target groups with different programmes. 


  • The project would like to support the operation of various music communities such as the choirs or the amateur wind instrument groups and symphony orchestras that are in need of a hand to start performing again. 
  • In addition to this, the specific target of the project is to supplement the existing range of music education.
  • The development of the musical skills of small children are not yet part of the public education system, just to bring one example, and for this reason, Hangjáték is designed to support music sessions for children and will open up further training opportunities for crèche staff and nursery teachers.
  • Popular music education is generally an interest for age groups of teens and up, but at present, this is still mostly available in Veszprém in a private setting. With collaboration from local private teachers and Öröm a Zene Tehetséggondozó Program (Joy of Music Talent Education Programme), the aim is to bring already existing capacities under the standardised framework of a local popular music education centre.
  • In settlements across the region, many musicians and teachers are actively involved in organizing their musical lives outside the domain of formal education. Hangjáték would like to bring their activities to the surface and help them, too.

Join us as a teacher or an organizer of musical communities!

In the preparatory phase of the Hangjáték programme, we are looking for people who are interested in joining the programme with initiatives which to date have been impossible to implement within the existing educational system. We are ready to welcome music teachers, orchestra instructors, dance instructors as well as leaders and masterminds of sessions involving music – both from Veszprém and other settlements of the region.  

To apply for this opportunity, please fill in our questionnaire (available in Hungarian).

The Hangjáték programme was conceived and is being implemented by Hangvető Zenei Terjesztő Társulás Kft. (Hangvető Music Dissemination Association Ltd), a strategic partner and professional adviser of VEB 2023. Hangvető have substantial experience and expertise in the music industry counselling and musical event organization, collaborating among others with Worldwide Music Expo (WOMEX) world music fair and conference, the European Commission and UNESCO, and earlier also took part in compiling the Veszprém capital of culture bid book.

For more details about Hangvető’s works and operation please go to their homepage: https://hangveto.hu/


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