Horizontal Project Development

ORGANIZED BY VEB 2023 Veszprém
ORGANIZED BY VEB 2023 Veszprém

To achieve an inclusive, culturally sensitive and ecologically sustainable ECOC programme, we set 3 main horizontal goals.

 These are the principles along which we develop our programmes, events, interfaces and tools:

  • Sustainability and environmental awareness
  • Accessibility and equal opportunities
  • Child and family-friendly ECOC

During the next period, we define the requirements and levels along these three goals, which we take into consideration and use during each ECOC-related event, venue or infrastructure development during the ECOC programme (2020-2023).


Our goal is to create a knowledge base and a system of tools, while we also develop our approach.

In order to achieve each horizontal goal, we are working in teams with the involvement of the relevant civil and institutional partners to determine the system of criteria based on which we would like to carry out our work.In order to achieve the set goals, we will set up a Control Group, which will provide continuous and constructive feedback along the horizontal and civilian sides in order to be even more effective and efficient in this area.


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