Kultháló (CultNet)


The Kultháló (CultNet) VEB2023 programme is about collaboration among creative minds who are capable of opening up the ivory towers of art and can press home the community-shaping power of art in the remotest villages of the region. CultNet bases will see meetings of artist friends, musicians, writers, painters, significant local personages and masters to mold the spirit of the place into a mindset open to experiences of dialogue, initiation, fascination and joy.

Ranging from painting to classical music, the creative industry to jazz, poetry to underground, these multidisciplinary art-type event series, workshops and forums offer chances of new links and ties, transition passages and correlations to the concentric circles of seemingly distantly removed cultural actors, between rural and metropolitan environments, traditions and genres, national and European self-definitions. Aesthetic experience becomes a muster of viable community life, facilitating the communal thinking process of its members who contribute to shaping and formulating it.     

Aims and functions of the project:

The kultháló programme is designed to support microregional artistic and creative industry communities who are capable of addressing, activising and integrating broadest possible groups of civil society in their work, linking up local and European horizons of value creation.  

Grassroots self-organizing creative communities open up hitherto unknown specific, locally-bound Balaton identities and make them accessible experiences for all. Experiencing art at  kultháló bases is a tradition-making attempt to introduce ideas of participation, thinking together and cooperation as social practices. Events series of multidisciplinary nature, workshops and forums facilitate connections, new passageways and correlations to seemingly distant actors, local and metropolitan environments, traditions and genres, the concentric circles of national and European self-definition. 

The number one function of the programme is to further develop the initiatives of already existing creative communities and formulate economically and ecologically sustainable models of community integration which are the fruits of these efforts.

We are planning the region’s kultháló bases to form an active and collaborating network, one of ECoC 2023’s very own brands with a dedicated design and priority level communication. Beyond making use of direct support, the programme is meant to survey international relations, search out communication interfaces and sponsoring sources to contribute to the medium-term success and sustainability of individual kultháló bases

Our values and messages:

  • Through the community-shaping power of art the hitherto hidden cultural diversity of the Bakony-Balaton region will be opened up and made accessible for all.

  •   Locals and target audiences open to domestic and European culture may become active members in joint creative activities and thus contribute to the enrichment and preservation of the region’s cultural treasures.

  •   Kultháló VEB2023 bases help form and strengthen ties between local artists and communities of inhabitants and foster local patriotism.

  •   In addition to direct support, the programme supplies international contacts and communication backup in contribution to the medium-term success, survival and improved reputation of individual Kultháló VEB2023 bases.

  •  By 2023, Kultháló VEB2023 bases are meant to create a multidisciplinary art network built on Bakony-Balaton regional values which presents quality cultural recreation and recharging options with experiences of community-centred creative activities as an all-year-round attractive tourism destination for domestic and European audiences alike.
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