Launch of the Cholnoky-project

VEB2023 implementation
VEB2023 implementation

The Cholnoky family used to play a crucial role in the cultural history of the developing city of Veszprém and the Balaton Uplands.

The work of the well-known family members – Viktor and László, the two writers, the younger and older Ferenc doctors and Jenő, geographer – is tightly bound to the City of Queens and its surroundings. The project started on 23th July 2021, on the 151th anniversary of Jenő Cholnoky’s birth is designed like to present the widest possible spectrum of the ‘Cholnoky-heritage’ in order that locals and tourists in town could learn why a school, a hospital, a housing estate and other memorial sites in the region have been named after the Cholnoky family.

It is essential to us to present the high-level artistic and academic activities of the family members on a broad scale and their adventurous private life, because we would like the phrase “CHOLNOKY” to be some kind of identity forming force for the local people. Regardless of their generation and age. Therefore, we would like to use brand new, innovative solutions and pop culture references next to the classical forms during the run of the project.

Many local institutions and non-governmental organizations supported the execution of each project elements. Laczkó Dezső Museum will cover Jenő Cholnoky geographer’s A Balaton tudományos tanulmányozásának eredményei (Results of the scientific study of Lake Balaton) publication; the House of Arts Veszprém will publish a book series of the work by the Cholnoky family members, edited by János Géczi.

New perspectives, exciting and stunning interpretations can be found in Olivér Csapella’s Cholnoky-comics and in the Cholnoky Street Art project, which would refresh some of the building walls around the city.

Veszprém Megyei Honismereti Egyesület (Local History Association of Veszprém County) will release a book covering the history of the Cholnoky family based on Olivér Rybár’s research. Its rich informational text and visual material could also be useful for an interactive family history exhibition. The local history and virtual capacity building will be realised by Eötvös Károly County Library.

The final act of the project in 2023 will be the première of the play called Cholnokyak (The Cholnokys) staged by Pannon Showplace Theatre and author-playwright Zoltán Egressy.

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