Pekedli Grocery / Street Management Programme

Tender cooperation
Tender cooperation

You can find everything that a household could need in the freshly opened old-school grocer’s of Veszprém called Pekedli. Moreover, most of its useful and delicious wares are from Veszprém County, so delivery of the goods does not unnecessarily burden the environment.

When compiling their product range, they focus on picking the merchandises of local producers, but occasionally make an exception when they find a delicacy or a handicraft that cannot be found locally and think it is worth introducing in their shop. They find it important that the products should be high-quality, reasonably priced and should come from a controlled source, trying to avoid the general stereotype that artisanal products are just fancy goods. 

Do you remember when back in the day vegetables, fruits, cold cuts and dairy products could only be bought in specialised stores and not from the shelves of hypermarkets? Once, in and around Old Town Square, there were many similar groceries like this one, but with globalisation and the everything-under-one-roof stores, these small retail shops have been marginalised and nowadays you won’t find them in the city or even in the whole country.

However, in the last few years, the tables have turned! We go to the market and buy from small producers; instead of the low-quality mass-market goods we search for the unique tastes and the nature- and human-friendly products that are made with care. We appreciate when a personal connection builds up with the seller and the chance to find a place with that good old retro feeling.  >>> 

Street Management Programme

Pekedli is supported by the VEB2023 Street Management Programme. The aim of the programme is to make an old dream of Veszprémers come true and fill the route leading to Veszprém castle - that is, Óváros Square and its surroundings - with life even when there are no major events ongoing.

We have identified the problem that developments in this neighbourhood simply will not work on a pinpoint basis. So we have launched our Utcakép Fejlesztési Program (Street Management Programme) to help open establishments which could improve the atmosphere of the square and fill it with life. 

We would like to add new functions to the long-vacant business premises in the city centre that were missing from the palette, but at the same time could help Veszprém become a European destination.


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