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ORGANIZED BY VEB 2023 Veszprém, Bakony-Balaton régió
ORGANIZED BY VEB 2023 Veszprém, Bakony-Balaton régió

The past of a city or a region may be retained in old pictures or stored in archives. It can also exist in a form that is directly accessible, visible and constantly expandable with personal memories for everyone.

The basis for all this is the mobilisation of existing archival material from the past and the collection of hitherto unknown material held by private individuals. The research and collection will involve the community and will be followed by exhibiting the material on easily understood installations and, sometime later, in an analogue photographic exhibition.

Our central theme is the presentation of the past and present of Veszprém families since families are the basic units of the city, and it is through them that the history and the present can be understood. We hope these works and programmes will help the public engage in a constructive dialogue and become active in adding to the memorials of shared cultural memory.

Of the many aspects of cultural space, the project is based on and linked by two strong strains: first, the built heritage and memories associated with and shared by all; and second, the family, the fundamental determinant of the cultural environment. The approach is historical. It seeks to remember and commemorate all the events that have contributed to the city’s history and which, through identifying with these memories, have shaped the identity of its inhabitants. These events, i.e. the evolution of the history of a city, can also be interpreted as the history of families, sometimes linked to buildings that are significant in terms of built heritage, sometimes to functional spaces of daily life, such as shops and stores.

Photography plays a prominent role in our historical recollections, as they provide a direct and easily accessible reference to the past. The starting point for the project is the thousands of family photos in the Veszprém County Archives, which, by careful examination, can be tied to the different localities in the city. They are suitable to address the population and mobilise the memories of the various spaces and buildings in the city. The project reinforces this link by inviting families to take photos in different places, which may, in turn, generate memory and identity building. All of the above helps shape and build collective visual memory, both analogue and digital.

The aim is to create a platform of collective memory that will initially take form in urban installations, arranged in shop windows and projected on the walls of buildings. Later it will be shown in a classic analogue exhibition, processing the stories of the families, arranged, collected, freshly photographed and accompanied by an album. The final step will be the creation of a digital archive that can be projected in the city.

We hope this platform will create an opportunity for continuous communication within the city, based on a shared past, and attract the interest of the younger generations, that are the most important bearers of memory.

Implemented by: BuildingScape Hungary Kft.

Date: 2022-2023

Location: Veszprém



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